Achieve Success by Living with Purpose


Achieve Success by Living with Purpose

Having a vision turn to reality once makes all your dreams come true!

So when I was in 8th grade I dabbled in everything athletic. I wanted to be good at something but never made a commitment. The local coach at my club had played Davis Cup for Canada and he said one day in passing “if you trained really hard you could play at a school in Read more

Your Time

One thing that Jairek Robbins taught me through his book is that every minute of every day counts. While Jairek’s father talks about focusing on your mind and emotions, Jairek taught me to focus on my purpose and how to create your ideal day around that purpose. I think that is a great first step. Read more

Define yourself and surround yourself with others who see you for who you are.

I used to believe that others knew me better than myself because I grew up hearing so many voices tell me pretty nasty things about not ever being able to find a great career, friendships, love, and happiness. I grew up believing their fears that I would never amount to anything because I didn’t fit Read more