Achieve Success by Living with Purpose

Define yourself and surround yourself with others who see you for who you are.

I used to believe that others knew me better than myself because I grew up hearing so many voices tell me pretty nasty things about not ever being able to find a great career, friendships, love, and happiness. I grew up believing their fears that I would never amount to anything because I didn’t fit into their definition of what a successful, loved, loving, happy person could look like, and I bought their bullshit story about me and made it my own. It wasn’t until my early 20’s, drowning in depression and self-loathing, that I started to realize, through some great teachers, that I had the ability to define my own story about who I am and who I wanted to be.
I finally discovered, through the help of these amazing teachers, that we’re all amazing just the way we are because we’re all divinely created, and if there was any one in my life who thought otherwise, they didn’t deserve to be in my circle of friends. I started to choose friends very carefully, and I surround myself by those who see beyond my surface and beyond any current silly fear that might be tripping me up for a moment. Most importantly though, I’ve discovered that I am worthy of good people in my life, I am capable of having any career I wish, and love is a possibility.
On a daily basis, it’s easy to let other people’s fears about you trip you up; however, I now remind myself daily of all of the amazing people out there who know who I really am and love me for it, so now I just laugh at that guy who walks past me and says “eeww, you’re ugly!” Thanks, little boy, for trying to sell your fear to me, but I am not buying it.
It’s so easy to let others define us, but when we start to define ourselves and find others who meet our expectations, we become more true to our true selves. People will come along and will try to fill your head with their own definition of who you are, but you know who you truly are, so it’s time to start living it!

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