Achieve Success by Living with Purpose


Achieve Success by Living with Purpose

Be your own biggest supporter first before others

My biggest breakthrough came when I finally realized other people’s success was not my failure. It finally came to me one day that these people were achieving, not because of luck, birth rite or good fortune, but that they put themselves on the path to success by clearly setting goals. Rather than sitting back and Read more

Cherish your good health.

Growing up I was always healthy. I was very active and had a go getter attitude. Everything changed when I turned 19. One day all of a sudden I felt very weak as if I was going to pass out. It was a very scary event, but I noticed I would start to have them Read more

Overcoming fear is key to success

When I was around 7 years old, I left the movie theater seeing “The Karate Kid” with so much passion that I wanted to start taking karate lessons that day. My father, who is Japanese, agreed, though encouraged me to take judo as well. After about a year, I realized that I preferred judo and Read more